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What Diseases Can Wearing A Face Mask Prevent?

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Today, COVID-19 is under control, more and more people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and people are returning to their normal lives.Wearing masks has become routine, not only to prevent COVID-19, but also to prevent other diseases.
Wearing a mask is the most effective measure to prevent respiratory diseases and can cut off the transmission of infectious diseases.In 2020, the wearing of masks by all the people has achieved remarkable results, not only blocking the spread of novel coronavirus, but also significantly reducing other respiratory diseases.
Adherence to wearing a mask is a key measure of personal protection.People should wear masks when they go out, especially in airports, stations, shopping malls, cinemas and other places where people are crowded and have high mobility, and when taking various public transportation vehicles, they should strictly and correctly wear masks to keep the "one-meter line" distance and avoid gathering, which can effectively block the transmission route.
Continue to do personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not huddle, do not gather and other good habits should continue to maintain.Wearing a mask is not only to protect oneself, but also to protect relatives and friends around, but also to contribute to the epidemic prevention work and the society.
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What Diseases Can Wearing a Mask Prevent?
1. Influenza
Spring is the peak season of influenza, airborne germs and bacteria easily enter the respiratory tract.Wearing a mask keeps pathogens out of your mouth and nose and prevents them from being passed on to others through sneezing or coughing.
 2. Allergic Rhinitis
Spring is the season for allergies, and the weather has a lot to do with it.In spring, all things recover and the wind is strong. A large number of pollen, dust mites and fungal spores are suspended in the air, which can easily cause facial allergies or allergic rhinitis.Wearing a mask can effectively prevent the recurrence of allergic rhinitis.
Warm Prompt
Wearing masks can prevent the above diseases, but also the lung diseases caused by air pollution.However, the correct way to wear the mask is to choose the effective mask for the maximum effect. Disposable surgical masks should be replaced every 4 hours and personal hygiene should be paid attention to.